21st May 2013. Cambridge, UK: Steinkrug, a UK based research and development company has developed an Android App for tablet based devices that monitors the user's response to sound and images. The technology has been designed primarily for use in dementia research but has wider applications both within and beyond the healthcare sector.

Whereas Google glass looks outwards into the wearer's environment Steinkrug's application tracks the user's response to media displayed on a device. The target systems are tablets such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google’s Nexus and other tablets with forward facing cameras capable of filming the user. Images and sounds are retrieved from a database and presented in a predefined sequence. By analysing the user's responses this sequence can be modified as the app is running. The initial use of the technology is research into dementia and Steinkrug is working with Manchester Metropolitan University on ways it can be employed to gain a better understanding of the impact of the condition. Steinkrug also plans to use the technology as a therapeutic aid and build it into its ‘Alphadaughter' service for family carers.

As Peter Kruger, founder and Managing Director of Steinkrug explains. "Dementia has a tremendous impact on the family carer, in some cases effectively putting their life on hold while they provide support for a parent or partner. We have looked at various techniques used to help carers communicate with, and support, family members suffering from the condition. We are now incorporating these techniques into a simple research and therapeutic tool."

Much of the technology used for facial analysis and monitoring the viewer’s perception of media was developed when PCs were first used to carry out image processing and analysis. Today this technology is available within most tablet devices and Steinkrug sees it expanding the scope and capability of mobile computing.

Kruger goes onto point out. "There are many areas where emotional responses to content has an important role as part of a mobile device's user interface."

About Steinkrug

Founded by Peter Kruger, a pioneer of personal computer based imaging, Steinkrug carries out research and development in the mobile health, social care and energy sectors.

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