A Parcel For Mr Frajeely

“Hi, I was just wondering what the noise was.”

“I agree, perhaps it’s not such a ‘smart’ postbox after all, but I’m guessing you threw a sicky the day they taught basic geometry.”

“Yes, a stroke of luck you having a hammer in the van.”

“Anyway, as I’m here I’ll take the parcel.”

“No, I’m not ‘Mr Frajeely.’ Actually I’m ‘Mr This Way Up,’ that’s why I’m stood on my head.”

“Obviously, I’m not standing on my head, I was merely being ironic.”

“’Irony,’ probably the lesson after basic geometry.”

“Sorry, I haven’t got time for a game of ‘guess what’s in the parcel’ I want to be at work early today. I’m taking my wife out for dinner this evening.”

“It’s probably best you don’t shake the parcel.”

“No, I don’t think it’s a pair of maracas.”

“I don’t care what it sounds like, the only think I’ve on order from Amazon is a set of champagne glasses for next day delivery.”


“Precisely, ‘oh dear’”

“Anyway, can you move your van so I can get to work?”

“A photograph, is that strictly necessary in this case?”

“Alright, but I don’t want to see my face on the Internet.”

“If it’s just my feet isn’t the camera a little high?”

“I explained that, I’m not stood on my head.”

“Yes, it is confusing. Have you ever wondered why a mirror transposes left to right but not top to bottom?”

“Really, that was interesting, I’d never have guessed you had PhDs in theoretical physics and philosophy.”

“No, I think I understand it now, no need to go through it again. Like I said I’m late and taking my wife out for dinner.”

“Well as you ask it’s our wedding anniversary hence the champagne gl… er, the maracas.”

“No, she doesn’t want to be in the photograph.”



“I’m Positive.”

“OK, OK, I’ll go and get her.”

“Are we all done now?”

“Move to the right? Wouldn’t it be easier if you moved the camera to the left?”

“No, don’t try to explain, I’m still struggling with that mirror thing.”

“What do you mean another one.”

“Well, I’m pretty damn sure I was smiling.”

“I was dear, don’t encourage him.”

“Anyway, if we are all done …”

“Yes, I appreciate it’s a tough job.

“Your last day? I’m sorry it hasn’t turned out.”


“A drone delivery pilot?

“Yes, it does sound exciting. Thanks for the heads up I’ll call in at B&Q and get a hard hat and some sandbags.”