‘So, I’m the first to see the new building.’ René Bosch had arrived a day ahead of the distributor meeting and seemed impressed that he was getting a preview of the inside of our offices. Like Bernt, René was an early adopter of MicroEye products. He started distributing our products in The Netherlands when we were operating from my living room. And, like Epoc System, his business had been forced to adapt as the market for PC video applications matured.

Having never actively sought overseas distributors until exhibiting at CeBIT, our early signings were an eclectic mix. The Danish distributor, JAI, was an established video equipment distributor in Copenhagen. Legend had it that, like Stephen and myself, the founders started out working from home and were desperate to sign up their first audio-visual equipment manufacturer. Turned down by most major suppliers on the grounds they were too small, there was just one name left on the list. They set up a presentation in a hotel and, on meeting the Sales Director at Copenhagen airport, suggested a visit to what was to be their new headquarters. Their guest was then given a guided tour of a secondary school, which was close to completion. An artist’s impression of the completed ‘office block and sales centre’ featured prominently during the subsequent presentation. So, JAI became the Danish representative for a company that, it later transpired, realised it was being scammed, recruited by a leading Japanese electronics company that believed it needed an innovative and lateral thinking distributor to give it an edge in Europe.

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Dr Jean-Marie Monget’s first encounter with Digithurst products was while working with associates at Imperial College. He first used a MicroEye to digitise satellite images; but then, with his wife, he set up Editions de la Boyere to distribute UK-sourced PC graphics and imaging products in France. Their sales of MicroEye video output cards for pharmacy point of sales systems were still increasing, month on month. Based in Nice, Editions de la Boyere received more than its fair share of visiting export sales directors during the winter months …

... (An extract from The Ghost in the Labyrinth by Peter Kruger)

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