Published in four magazines in Europe in 1993, the article 'Virtual Reality or Virtual Extinction', which predated social media, augmented reality and the smartphone, seemed far fetched at the time. Twenty six years later, with our lives shaped and controlled by machines, it is worth revisiting predictions made at the threshold of the Internet age.

Virtuelle Realität oder Virtuelles Aussterben.

Gevangen van onze Virtuele Ontsnapping?

Réalité Virtuelle ou Extinction Virtuelle.

Virtual Reality or Virtual Extinction.

A Cyberspace Odyssey What have data centres and megalithic stone circles got in common? More than you might think.

Labour and Broadband. Twenty years from now the BBC, Daily Mail and the rest of mainstream media will only be accessible online. So for Britain's Labour party having control of the country's broadband provider will be a political necessity.

Short Stories

The Ghost and The Refugee An encounter between two people occupying the same space but separated by time.

Stuck in a Moment A story of trains, broken relationships and a girl who gave her shoes pet names.

Brexit - a ghost story for a country haunted by its past.

What Lies Beneath Archaeology in a small village and the fine line between excavation and appropriation.